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Boraxo Orange Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner - 2 Liter
Part Number: 6278

Contains dual-scrubbers and orange oil for deep cleaning. Removes tough grease, grime, ink, tar, paints and more from dirty hands.
Price: $12.99
Regular price: $17.99 save 28%

Boraxo Orange Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner - Dispenser
Part Number: 6279

Heavy duty dispenser made from sturdy plastic provides long-lasting durability. Convenient push button operation dispenses the right amount of soap dosage for use. View window permits easy observation of hand cleaner level, so it's easy to know when to replace the cartridge. Designed for use with 2-liter orange heavy duty hand cleaner cartridges sold separately.
Price: $11.99
Regular price: $16.99 save 29%

Dyo Colorcote Medium Brown 4oz
Part Number: 9301
Price: $2.98
Regular price: $4.39 save 32%

Message Card 1000 count
Part Number: 4324
Great for leaving written messages and notes. Includes a die cut circle hole for hanging message cards.
Die-Cut 3.67" x 6"
Price: $59.50
Regular price: $75.00 save 21%

O-Liminator 5 Gallon Pail & 150 packets
Part Number: 66601

Gets the Stink Out! Available in fresh, vanilla, pine and citrus scent. 99% effective on bacterial producing odors and fungus build-up. Eco-friendly package. Eliminates odor & lasts from 45-60 days per packet.
Price: $390.00
Regular price: $487.50 save 20%

PAYA Bar Soap 1.6oz 320 count (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 5597
Price: $114.00
Regular price: $139.95 save 19%

PAYA Conditioner 1.0 oz Bottle 120 count
Part Number: 5594
Unique blend of organic extracts - papaya, grapefruit, tangerine, orange and more.
Price: $41.99

PAYA Shower Gel 1 oz - 120 count case
Part Number: 5596
Price: $38.00
Regular price: $41.99 save 10%

Vaportek Optimum4000 Odor Controller
Part Number: 7595

The VAPORTEK OPTIMUM 4000 is a versatile dry vapor adjustable dispensing system that eliminates malodors quickly and safely without the use of ozone.

Cartridge Sold Seperate.

Made in U.S.A
Price: $199.00
Regular price: $228.00 save 13%

World Dryer Wall-Mount Hair Dryer
Part Number: 7251
For health clubs, pools, gyms, the World Dryer Model B AirStyle hair dryer is the most reliable and durable hair dryer in the industry.

Motor: 1/10 hp at 7500 RPM

Air Volume: 200 CFM (Cubic Fet per Minute)
Air Speed: 7300 LFM (Linear Feet per Minute)

Activation Push button
Push Button Timer 80 seconds

Nozzle Chrome plated, revolves 360 degrees

Sound Level 73 dB
Price: $300.00
Regular price: $359.95 save 17%

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