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Why Every Locker Room Should Have Shoe Shine Service

Shoe shine service is a great benefit for club members, as this service has become a dying art in our country today. With less and less shoe shining services available, this service has become more valuable to members.

Country and social clubs are looking for value-added services for their members. Having a professional shoe shine service at your club is a definite perk to members and their guests.

It may be time to review your current shoe shine service, the products and the operation or if you don’t have a service, consider implementing one.

A few questions you may want to consider:
• Are we promoting this shoe shine service on our website and marketing materials?
• Do we give a top-notch professional shoe shine? Or do we sometimes use black paste on navy shoes or brown on cordovan shoes? Products are endless to provide excellent care and upkeep of today’s shoes.
• Do we offer extras like shoe lace changes, shoe deodorizing and spike replacements?
• Is our shoe shine room in the best location to increase revenue for the club and/or shoe shine person?
• Promote a shoe shine fund-raiser in the slower seasons, which increases members coming to club, along with helping a worthy cause.

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