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Barge Cement 2oz tube
Part Number: 9889
Made in U.S.A.

Price: $4.69

Fas-Bond Instant Adhesive 1 oz.
Part Number: 9858
Super Glue Adhesive For Leather and all porous materials.
Price: $7.49

George's Accelerator .7 oz.
Part Number: 6477
A chemical compound that causes George's Adhesive to harden instantly.
Price: $17.29

George's Debonder 1 oz.
Part Number: 6429
Used to dissolve George's Adhesive from hands or work area incase of accidental bonding.
Price: $20.99

Georges Adhesive 2 oz.
Part Number: 5444
A high-strength, all purpose bonding adhesive that dries hard and fast. This exclusive formula is well know for repairing hockey equipment. Use to bond regular and weave materials instantly.
Price: $22.00

TearMender Adhesive 2 oz
Part Number: 9098
Bonds leather & fabric in just 3 minutes.
Price: $4.59

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