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Garbage Trash Liner 16 Gallon 1000 count - Light Grade - Clear
Part Number: 4022
Price: $26.99

Garbage Trash Liner 33 Gallon 250 count
Part Number: 4021
Extra Heavy Grade. Clear film.
Price: $37.49

Garbage Trash Liner 55 Gallon 200 count - Extra Heavy Grade - Clear
Part Number: 4020
Trash Bag
Price: $49.95

Koolit Cooler
Part Number: 4066
Koolit™ Golf coolers are a great way to carry your favorite beverages on the golf course or on the go.

It's in the bag: Koolit Golf coolers are made from a remarkable material that is ideal for a portable cooler. The structure of the material is very light making it easier to carry yet quite strong to hold 12 cans plus ice. The insulated material will keep your beverages cold for hours and its sealed seams will not leak.

It's a snap. Close the Koolit Golf cooler with the built in closures in the handle. Two snaps hold the two piece handle together as one to close the bag and keep the cold beverages insulated.

Thin is in: Our cooler, with its material properties and flexibility, does what most coolers can only dream of - it collapses to just 1" thick when empty. Just press it flat and put it where no cooler has gone before. Our small size takes up less storage space and will easily fit in a golf cart's basket. Also aids in regulating the amount of beverages you can bring on the course.

Give me "A" hand. It is tough enough lugging around golf clubs in golf bags and all your other accessories. The Koolit Golf cooler makes that easier with it's single handle design. Big, hard case coolers usually require one person with both hands to lug its mass around. Our golf cooler is easier because you only need one hand to carry it to and from your destination. Even loaded down with a 12 pack and ice, it is still lighter than most coolers.
Price: $6.99

Laundry Bag 15" x 20" each w/ID Flag
Part Number: 7486
Price: $5.29

Plastic Comb Bags 2000 count
Part Number: 3313
Clear bag - 2" x 8"
Price: $24.99

Sanitary Bag Waxed 500 count
Part Number: 3387
Wall mount receptacle liners, moisture resistant, 7-1/2"x3"x10"
Price: $21.99

Shoe Bag No Handle 1000 count (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 9698
Bag Size: 12"x20"
Price: $74.95

Shoe Bag w/Handle 500 count (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 9685
Bag Size: 12"x20"
Price: $61.95

Shoe Bag White Drawstring 1000 count (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 9094
Bag Size: 16" x 18" x 4"
Price: $179.98

Swim Suit Bag Dispenser
Part Number: 3408
Swim Suit Bags sold seperate.

Dimensions: 5.5" deep x 2" tall x 16" wide
Price: $18.99

Swim Suit Bags 1600 count (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 3339
Each case has 2 rolls of 800.
Bag size: 12" x 20"
Swim Suit Bag Dispenser Sold Separate.

Price: $44.99

Trash Bags 100 count
Part Number: 5229
38" x 58" 1.2 mil Black
Price: $24.99

Vinyl Bag with Slider Zipper PREPARED
Part Number: 7834
Let us prepare your vinyl bags for you! We can fill this vinyl bag with up to 6 travel sized products of your choice. Please add the products you would like in your vinyl bags to your order. Products sold separately. Call for more information.

Price: $4.99

Vinyl Bag with Zipper and Loop - EMPTY
Part Number: 4675
Great for Travel!
Price: $1.39

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