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Shine Machines & Wheels


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ATCO Adaptor for Shine Machine
Part Number: 9874
Price: $48.95

Beck Shoe Polisher (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 9006
Personal shoe shiner with two polishers. Standard 120 volt plug needed.
Price: $235.00

Climax Shine Wheel 8" Black
Part Number: 9611
Price: $75.95

Hub & Nut Assembly
Part Number: 9925
Made in U.S.A.

Price: $89.95

Mud Wheel 8" Wire
Part Number: 9872
Made in U.S.A.

Price: $64.95

Mud Wheel Nylon
Part Number: 9873
Price: $84.95

Neet Kleet Electric Golf Shoe Cleaner (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 2170
• Push button in handle activates cleaner from 110 volt outlet.
• Rotating nylon brushes clean sides, soles, heels and toes of golf shoes.
• All debris is captured in the removable grass receptacle for daily maintenance.
• Dual Handles provide a stable platform while cleaning shoes.
• Nylon brush suitable for steel or alternative spikes.

Size: 32"H x 32"L x 15 1⁄2"W.
Weight: 50 lbs.
Price: $749.00

Neet Kleet Replacement Brushes 3 pack
Part Number: 2171
Replacement set of three brushes for Neet Kleet II Shoe Cleaner.
Price: $199.99

Shine Machine Floor Model (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 10000
Heavy metal construction! 62” wide, 50” high and 22” deep, shaft size is 1 5/16”

Shop vacuum dust collecting system (4.5 Peak HP System)

Powered by a 115 volt single phase ½ HP Motor, motor powers the brush shaft only

Shaft has 2 horsehair brushes, 2 yarn brushes and 1 nylon brush for cleaning spikes

2 additional wheels can be added on shaft with an Atco Adapter to left or right side of shaft

Price: $3699.00

Shine Machine Table Top (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 9825
Heavy metal construction. Includes 4 wheels (w/option to add one). Size 27" wide x 17 1/2" high x 17" deep. 1/3 horsepower, 115 volt single phase. 1 5/16" shaft diameter.
Price: $1399.00

Sole & Heel Stitch 6" Welt Wheel
Part Number: 9610
Price: $53.95

Stand for Table Top Shiner (F.O.B.)
Part Number: 2053
Price: $379.00

Yarn Brush Wheel White 8"
Part Number: 9854
Price: $64.95

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